TMV Contest 2011





"The Movies Vision Community" has voted the best TM Movies. Here are the Top 5.

The first and third places reached the same number of votes. Congratulation to the winners.


#1 Der letzte Tag - Prolog (Björn Brüggemann)

#1 Stern im Staub 5 - Unbeugsam (Stefan Schiml)

#3 Way to Fall (Baris Mehmet)


(Julian Klein)

#5 Halloween - Homecoming (Patrick Grzybowski)

Halloween-Contest 2010

There was a Halloween-Movie-Contest on "The Movies Vision" (german community) this year.

And here are the results of the Halloween-Movie-Contest:

  1. Die Legende von Jack O'Lantern - Tonda Movies
  2. Sherborne - Double S Studio
  3. Der Rachegeist - Easyfilm
  4. Hat's Dir Geschmeckt? - Vevanco Entertainment/Moonlight Pictures
  5. Der Fluch von Sharpesville - Rollercoasterproductions

This time it was a very close decision and it was great that there were so many great participating movies.

Thanks for your submissions and your votes. Happy Halloween!

The Results of the fourth Modding Contest

And the winners are:

1st place: 250000 VC

Jess Franco

2nd place: 100000 VC

MikeDBoing and Beowulf71

3rd place: 50000 VC



Congratulation to all Winners and thanks to all people taking part in the contest!

Every person who has entered a mod into the contest and didn't win will receive 10000 VC

You can download all Contest Mods in our Contest Mod Area

Results of the Modding Contest

Submission time is over!

The results of the Modding Contest will be released in the next few days.

Contest Nr.4

Join the fourth TM Modding Contest on

Do you have the best mod and want to win 250000 VC on TMO? Then join the TM Modding Contest!

place 1: 250000 VC

place 2: 100000 VC

place 3: 50000 VC

Make an unique mod for TM, no matter what mod it will be, a new set, a new prop, a costume, an overlay or something else. You can send in as much mods as you like!

The contest starts on June 5th, 2008

Entry deadline is July 15th, 2008

To enter the contest you just have to submit a mod into the Contest Category Nr.4

Login -> click on "Submit File" -> choose the Contest Category Nr.4


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