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Top 10 of german "The Movies" Films 2010

As part of TheMoviesVision's second annual competition, to which the TMV members were able to submit their collected works from 2010, the annual charts for 2010 were determined by the community.

Here are the leaders:


01. Die Legende von Jack O'Lantern (Günther David)

02. Hat's Dir geschmeckt? (Jonas Niemann)

03. VERBRECHENSORT: Sprich oder stirb (Tom Knoll)

03. Stern im Staub (Folge 4) Erbarmungslos (Stefan Schiml)

05. Endzeit (Marco Lubina)

06. Der Pakt (Marco Lubina)

07. Sherborne (Stefan Schiml)

08. Mystic Survey 6 - Sequenz 01 (Günther David)

09. Der Abgrund in uns (Folge 12) Bekenntnisse (Frenhofer)

10. Hiro20-12 (Daniel Kaplan)

The new Prop Shop

Since today there is the Prop Shop on and this brings many innovations with it.

The download area has been completely redesigned. The area is now much more structured and you can download files directly from the overview.

Likewise, the previously separated areas for 3D models and mods with the download area for textures were unified.

In addition, there are now additional comments in many areas which have been designed optically new and uniformly.


The most extensive change is the new point system.

For many actions, for example uploading a file, writing in the forum or winning a competition, you can get virtual credits or VCs.

With these VCs it is possible to download exclusive mods for The Movies, 3D models or textures from the Prop Shop. All previous downloads and all future useruploads are still free of charge!

If you have already registered on and logged in since then, you can find an overview of all the activities for which Virtual Credits are available.

If you do not want to participate actively in the community or do not have enough VCs in the account but still want to download files from the Prop-Shop, you can buy Virtual Credits as a registered user via PayPal.


Hier geht es zum Prop Shop

The Prop Shop

The Prop Shop is in our new download area, you will find it in an extra category.

The first two downloads, which you can find there, currently cost 2000-3000 VCs.

It is a mediterane set of textures and the set / prop "Indiana Jones" set for The Movies.

More files will be added soon!


Your help

Your help is needed! If you find any errors on, please report them in the forum. This is just a good opportunity to get a few points through posts in the forum. ;) wishes you a lot of fun with the new Prop Shop System!


Next Generation combined with

The result is

Your new 3D movie community!

These two sites now run on a new and much faster server!
Try the new features, the new download area and soon the new forum!

3D model of a bedside table

Today you can find a new low-poly model of a bedside table in our download area.
Have fun with it.

Desert3D and its name

There are still not so many 3d models on this site, like oases in the desert, but this will not remain for a long time. The goal is to collect as many free 3d models as grain of sand in the desert.

Today I've uploaded a new 3d model: a park bench.

Are you looking for a place where you can easily upload your 3d models? Then you can do it here to fill the model database quickly. If you have suggestions about this site or wishes, please write me an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I wish you much fun.