FAQ - Virtual Credits

1. What are Virtual Credits?

Virtual credits or VCs are points you get for certain actions on TheMovies3D.com

2. What can I do with Virtual Credits?

With VCs you can download exclusive downloads in the Prop Shop. How many VCs per download have to be paid is given in the respective information on the product.

3. For what do I get Virtual Credits and how many? Will I get the points immediately?

The following table shows the actions a logged-in user receives VCs for.

Action Points When?

Welcome points at the first successful registration

250 immediately

With every login, but only once a day

25 immediately when you login

If you upload a file (game mod, 3d model or texture)

1000 after verification

If you start a new topic in the forum (with more than 12 letters)

50 immediately

If you reply to a topic in the forum (with more than 12 letters)

25 immediately

If you participate in a contest, you can win extra VCs

differently if you win


4. Can I also pay out VCs in real money?

No, this is not possible!