Shortly after the release, more and more players complained about problems with The Movies. Partially, the game could not be properly installed, started, or played, or disturbed graphics and sound errors occurred.

We have solved solutions for some known problems. However, we can not guarantee that these approaches will help or not cause any further damage. Application is at your own risk!

Problems with game start

The game loads to a certain point, but then breaks off and my desktop appears.
If the game does not start properly, make sure the Data / fonts folder is located in the directory on your hard drive. If it is missing, you have to copy it manually from the game DVD. You can find it under Setup / Data / fonts.

If I want to start or install The Movies, the DVD drive disappears from the view of my workplace and reappears after a reboot.
This issue could be related to the copy protection of The Movies. If you have virtual drives on your PC or if you have installed burning or copying software tools such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%, please uninstall these programs. In addition, you should close all unnecessary applications running in the background before you start the game.

Problems in the game

In the game or in the Starmaker, graphics errors occur. The heads are white or the figures are completely black.
This could be due to the fact that you do not have the latest graphics card drivers. Get this right away immediately. Also make sure your graphics card is supported by the game. According to the official system requirements: ATI Radeon 7000 or higher or GeForce 3 or higher.

The game does not run until I turn off the sound card.
In this case, we recommend you install the latest sound drivers for your sound card. Maybe your sound card does not support DircetX-9. If this is so, you have to buy a new sound card before the game will run with sound.

If you have further questions or problems, we and all users from the community in our forum will try to help.