the film-studio

The movie studio of The Movies is similar to other tycoon or manager games. Entrance, the stars 'trailer, wellness areas, health stations, post-production buildings, scriptwriters' houses and, of course, the big movie halls themselves can easily be placed on the ground. Similar to other strategy games the building is selected and placed with a click on the designated location, where it can be put into operation immediately. The Lionhead Studios oriented themselves to Peter Molyneux previous project "Theme Park" where you can build up an amusement park.

The quality of the buildings also has an effect on the mood and productivity of the people living or working there. If you provide a trailer in a bad state to an actor as a place to stay, this will not deliver an award-winning performance. It is similar on stages or on sets where actors don't like to shoot a world-moving scene on rotten wooden boards or under a friable ceiling...

Of course you also have to prove the qualities of the studio itselves, because shorter distances from the wellness area to the film set naturally produce better workflows for the actors, which means a start in time for the movie shoot. So you can see that the Lionhead Studios really try to make every single feature as realistic as possible.