The actors

What would be a movie without an actor? Actually, not more than a documentary, but it certainly is not on which the player is in "The Movies".

For the actors, Lionhead delivers his own kit. In this, you can create "The Sims" your actor according to your mood and can also here determine for which roles he should be best suited. This naturally has an effect in the later gameplay. Imagine a muscle-packed Arnold Schwarzenegger blob, which is supposed to play in a large-scale snot. The whole thing would fail more than miserably.

Because of the missing licenses of the "real" stars like Johnny Depp or Meg Ryan, the actors can not bear the names of those unfortunately. Lionhead, too, has been thinking. After you have created the character, you can rename it as you like. So you can play the careers of the stars almost real.

At the beginning of your directorial career, you will not of course be immediately with the best of the best. Since everyone has to start small, you have to start with rather quiet actors. People who are very early on the mat and can also start with the start of the pace on time. Of these people, you will certainly not hear any complaints about your directing work, because the fees are more than just good money for these people. After all, they want to get out of the way and take some complaints at the game or forgive you when you once again have a scene. In the case of hard-hitting actors it also happens that they are simply from depression simply to the bottle and who has already a stock-fucked actor in front of the camera? And so you must also prove your qualities here and send them to the deprivation.

But with new technology and better times, better actors also appear in your films. And among these, one or the other morning muffle can be found. This has the effect that they do not appear in time to turn and you have to hunt them out of their trailer. Once on the set you have to fight here again with the normal staralures of a playwright. No desire to turn, the role is inappropriate or director is a bungler. You must accept such expressions. But if those willingly stand before the camera brings you this naturally the more money.