The Equipment

In the course of time the technology also changes. At the beginning of the game you will be in the 20's. Here, silent films and mostly comedy á la Charlie Chaplin prevail. Peter Molyneux once mentioned that it would suffice a camera operator and two actors in this time. It would fit if two people meet and hitting each other to draw the audience on its side.

But in the course of time, the audience will naturally become more sophisticated and so you will need better cameras on cranes, the popular Steady-Cams (where the camera is attached to the chamberman and is always held straight by weights) and cameras on long wire ropes Move work. When the modernity is approached, you will be equipped with all technical refinements such as the Blue Screen. Of course, new technology costs money, so you must always make sure that your films do not float too much and thus possibly even bankruptcy. You can also use special effects and you can add all sorts of pyrotechnic effects. Even a whole building can be blown away, which is however very expensive. So you should ensure at the beginning of the scene that all cameras are in the right place and all actors position are correctly, so that the scene runs smoothly the first time. After all, the building can't be rebuilt so quickly.