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Installation: Move all folders and files to Their respectivement folders in teh movies datadirectory. Copy this text andpaste it into your CATEGORY.INI File; [Category_Yaut'Ja] cat = category_Yaut'Ja Notes: All aliens have Several TAILS dubbed 'GEAR' in makeover. The tails are in different positions that's why. Select one 'GEAR' and turn all others off unless you want the Alien and Predalien to have Several taills poking out of it's ass end. There is predator dubbed 'ONI' in makeover. He has Two separate heads and Masks. one i damaged the other is not. So make sure only one 'HAS' is selected and one 'FIRST COLOR' in makeover (HEAD), otherwise two masks and two heads will want to run into each other. There is therefore a pure predator GREEN foruse with ediditng software: such as BLACK OR CHROMA Boxing. For cloaking the monster. Sorry no Costume thumbnails. Iv'e Forgotten how i made the load ones. So need to revise this.  

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